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A Dwarf Runelord is a revered and powerful character within the Dwarf faction in the Warhammer Fantasy Battles and Age of Sigmar universes. These master craftsmen and runic sorcerers are responsible for creating the runes that imbue Dwarf weapons, armor, and machinery with magical properties. Here's an overview of the Dwarf Runelord:

Master Rune-Smith: Runelords are the highest-ranking Rune-Smiths in Dwarf society, skilled in the art of runecrafting and imbuing objects with magical runes. They are the custodians of Dwarf tradition and lore.

Runic Magic: Runelords possess the ability to inscribe powerful and intricate runes on weapons, armor, and other items. These runes can enhance the properties of these objects, making them more effective in combat or providing other magical effects.

Rune Weapons: Runelords often wield rune-encrusted weapons of their own creation, such as runic axes or hammers. These weapons are not only deadly in combat but also carry the blessings of the Dwarfen gods and ancestors.

Rune Guardians: Runelords are often accompanied by elite bodyguards known as Hammerers or Ironbreakers, who protect them and their runic artifacts. These guardians are highly skilled and fiercely loyal.

Craftsmanship: Runelords are master craftsmen, responsible for creating some of the most magnificent and finely wrought items in Dwarf society. They take great pride in their work and ensure that every creation is of the highest quality.

Keeper of Lore: Runelords are also the keepers of Dwarfen history and tradition. They pass down the knowledge of runecrafting and the tales of their ancestors to the next generation, ensuring that Dwarfen culture endures.

Miniature Model: In tabletop wargaming, players can field a Runelord as a character in their Dwarf army. These miniature models often showcase the Runelord's distinctive appearance, ornate runic armor, and the tools of their craft.

Dwarf Kultur Icon: Runelords represent a core aspect of Dwarf kultur – their mastery of craftsmanship, their connection to their ancestors, and their ability to infuse objects with magical runes.

In summary, the Dwarf Runelord is a revered figure among the Dwarfs, combining the roles of master craftsman and runic sorcerer. They play a vital role in Dwarf society by creating powerful runic artifacts and preserving the cultural and historical legacy of their people in the rich and fantastical worlds of Warhammer Fantasy Battles and Age of Sigmar.

This plastic kit contains 10 components and makes one Runelord armed with forgehammer and runestaff. He comes with a choice of two heads and can be equipped with either a blazing rune clasped in a pair of tongs or an ornate tome.

This miniature is supplied unpainted and requires assembly – we recommend using Citadel Plastic Glue and Citadel paints, and is packed with a 25mm round base.

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