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The Kharadron Overlords Aetheric Navigator is a vital character within the Kharadron Overlords faction in the Warhammer Age of Sigmar universe. These skilled individuals are responsible for guiding the skyfleet's vessels through the aetheric currents of the Mortal Realms, ensuring safe navigation and successful voyages. Here's an overview of the Aetheric Navigator:

Aetheric Cartography: Aetheric Navigators are expert cartographers of the aetheric currents. They create intricate maps and charts that detail the ever-shifting paths of the skies, helping the Kharadron Overlords navigate the hazardous realms.

Aetheric Sextants: Aetheric Navigators employ specialized aetheric sextants and instruments to plot the sky's courses. These devices allow them to calculate the most efficient routes, avoid hazards, and exploit favorable winds.

Stormcaller Pistol: Aetheric Navigators are armed with stormcaller pistols, which can unleash devastating aetheric discharges. They can use these weapons for self-defense or to signal for reinforcements in times of crisis.

Skyvessels Coordination: Aetheric Navigators collaborate closely with the shipmasters and crews of skyvessels, ensuring that the fleet operates as a cohesive and synchronized force.

Aetheric Augury: Aetheric Navigators possess the ability to foresee approaching storms, celestial events, or aetheric disturbances, which can aid in strategic decision-making and avoiding danger.

Miniature Model: In tabletop wargaming, players can include an Aetheric Navigator as a character in their Kharadron Overlords army. The miniature models typically depict the character with navigational instruments and the distinctive appearance of their faction.

Kharadron Overlords Icon: The Aetheric Navigator represents the Kharadron Overlords' mastery of aetheric technology, their reliance on precise navigation, and their ceaseless quest for profit and aether-gold in the fantastical realms of the Mortal Realms.

In summary, the Aetheric Navigator is a vital and skilled character within the Kharadron Overlords faction, known for their expertise in celestial navigation and their role in ensuring the success of skyfaring voyages. They are integral to the faction's dominance in the skies of the Warhammer Age of Sigmar setting.

The Aetheric Navigator comes as 10 components, and is supplied with a Citadel 32mm Round base.

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