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The Dreadspears are stalwart spearmen who form the backbone of the Cities of Sigmar armies, wielding their weapons with discipline and determination. Here's an overview of these steadfast warriors:

Spearwall Guardians: Dreadspears are trained and equipped to form a defensive bulwark against enemy assaults. Their long spears are effective at keeping enemy cavalry at bay and repelling infantry charges, making them ideal for holding key positions on the battlefield.

Disciplined Fighters: Dreadspears are highly disciplined warriors who undergo rigorous training to master the use of their spears in combat. They are drilled in the art of formation fighting, coordinating their movements and attacks to present a unified front against their foes.

City Defenders: Dreadspears are often tasked with defending the cities and settlements of the Cities of Sigmar from external threats. They serve as the first line of defense against invading armies and marauding monsters, standing firm against overwhelming odds to protect their homes and loved ones.

Steadfast Resolve: In the face of enemy charges and onslaughts, Dreadspears stand firm, their resolve unshaken. They are trained to hold their ground against even the fiercest assaults, relying on their discipline and training to weather the storm of battle and emerge victorious.

Spearwall Tactics: Dreadspears are adept at using their spears to form a defensive wall of sharp points, presenting a formidable barrier to enemy attacks. They can brace their spears against charging foes, turning their enemies' momentum against them and inflicting devastating casualties.

Versatile Warriors: While primarily trained for defensive combat, Dreadspears can also be deployed in offensive roles when needed. They can advance in disciplined ranks, using their spears to drive back enemy formations and seize key objectives on the battlefield.

City Militias: Dreadspears often form the core of the city militias within the Cities of Sigmar, serving as part-time soldiers who defend their homes and communities when called upon. They are respected members of their local communities, admired for their courage and selflessness in the face of danger.

In summary, Dreadspears are disciplined and steadfast spearmen who form the backbone of the Cities of Sigmar armies. Trained to hold the line against enemy assaults, they are skilled defenders who stand firm in the face of adversity, protecting their homes and loved ones with unwavering resolve.

This plastic kit contains 89 components with which to make either 10 Dreadspears, 10 Bleakswords, or 10 Darkshards. Also included is 1 transfer sheet with which to add a variety of shield and banner designs. This kit comes supplied unpainted and requires assembly.

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