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The Cauldron of Blood is a formidable war machine and centerpiece unit in the Daughters of Khaine faction within the Warhammer Age of Sigmar universe. This horrific contraption serves both as a mobile altar for Khaine, the elven god of murder, and a deadly instrument of war. Here's an overview of the Cauldron of Blood:

Blood-Drenched Altar: The Cauldron of Blood is a grotesque, multi-tiered war altar adorned with gruesome trophies and symbols dedicated to Khaine. It serves as a focal point for Daughters of Khaine rituals and blood offerings.

Sacrificial Victims: The Cauldron of Blood carries sacrificial victims within it, often captives or those deemed worthy of being offered to Khaine. These victims are subjected to horrific rituals, and their blood is collected in the cauldron.

Blood-Drenched Magic: The cauldron's grotesque contents fuel dark and potent magic. Daughters of Khaine priests and Hag Queens can draw power from the cauldron to cast spells and enhance the abilities of nearby Daughters of Khaine.

Mobile Battlefield Presence: In battle, the Cauldron of Blood is both a support platform and a formidable combatant. It is armed with whirling blades, spiked chains, and other lethal weaponry, making it a deadly threat in melee combat.

Bloodwrack Medusae: On the upper tier of the cauldron, Bloodwrack Medusae, sinister sorceresses who harness the cauldron's dark power, are stationed. They provide ranged support and further enhance the cauldron's magical abilities.

Miniature Model: In tabletop wargaming, players can field the Cauldron of Blood as a centerpiece unit in their Daughters of Khaine army. The miniature model typically captures the gruesome and awe-inspiring presence of the cauldron on the battlefield.

Daughters of Khaine Icon: The Cauldron of Blood symbolizes the Daughters of Khaine's fanatical devotion to Khaine, their bloodthirsty rituals, and their willingness to use any means necessary to achieve victory in the Warhammer Age of Sigmar setting.

In summary, the Cauldron of Blood is a macabre and powerful war machine used by the Daughters of Khaine. It embodies their dark rituals, their allegiance to Khaine, and their formidable presence on the battlefield, making it a significant and feared unit in the faction's forces.

The Hag Queen on Cauldron of Blood comes as 95 components, and is supplied with a Citadel 120mm Oval base, a Citadel 40mm Round base and a Citadel 25mm Round base. This kit can be optionally built as a Slaughter Queen on Cauldron of Blood, or a Bloodwrack Shrine.

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