Warhammer Collegiate Arcane New

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The Colleges of Magic are an established learning centre for magicians and Wizards throughout The Empire.

Primarily based in Altdorf, there is one college for each of the Winds of Magic, each of which forms the nexus of one of the orders. Each has its own masters, and the sorcery of each is different and distinct from the others, although all remains part of the great source of magic: Chaos.

This boxed set has been designed to allow the player to field Battlemage models without affecting their army’s Allegiance, with 4 models hand-picked to add to your army. In the box:

- 4 plastic Collegiate Arcane Battle Wizards, Battlemages with flowing robes and staffs, who feature a variety of modelling options allowing you to demonstrate mastery over the various Lores of Magic.

The box includes 4 Citadel 25 mm Round bases.

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