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Transform Your Battlefields with the CITADEL Paint Brush: Large Scenery

The CITADEL Paint Brush: Large Scenery is the ultimate tool for hobbyists and painters looking to bring epic landscapes and vast battlefields to life. Designed specifically for handling large surface areas, this brush makes it easier than ever to apply broad strokes of paint to scenery pieces, terrain, and larger models. Whether you're creating a desolate wasteland, a lush forest, or a sprawling urban environment, the Large Scenery brush ensures your vision comes to life with precision and ease.

Key Features:

Wide Brush Head: The large, flat brush head is perfect for covering extensive areas quickly, ensuring a smooth and even application of paint across your scenery pieces.

High-Quality Synthetic Bristles: Durable and easy to clean, the synthetic bristles maintain their shape and texture even after extensive use, providing a consistent paint application every time.

Ergonomic Handle: Designed for comfort and control, the ergonomic handle reduces hand fatigue during extended painting sessions, allowing for prolonged periods of creativity and productivity.

Versatile Use: While ideal for painting scenery and terrain, this brush is also great for applying washes and shades to larger models, making it a versatile addition to your painting toolkit.

Easy Maintenance: The synthetic construction of the bristles means the brush is easy to clean and care for, ensuring it remains a vital part of your hobby arsenal for projects to come.


Efficient Coverage: Quickly and easily cover large scenery pieces with paint, saving time and ensuring a professional-looking finish.

Precision Control: Despite its size, the brush is designed for precision, allowing you to navigate the contours and details of your scenery with ease.

Comfortable Use: Paint for longer without discomfort thanks to the ergonomic design of the handle, making those larger projects more manageable.

Durable and Reliable: Invest in a brush that's built to last, ensuring you have the right tool for your scenery projects for years to come.

Enhanced Painting Experience: Enjoy the satisfaction of transforming your gaming tables and dioramas with a tool designed to make scenery painting a pleasure.

Ideal For:

The CITADEL Paint Brush: Large Scenery is perfect for Warhammer 40,000, Age of Sigmar, and all miniature game enthusiasts who enjoy creating immersive gaming environments. It's an essential tool for those who love to add a personal touch to their battlefields and take pride in a fully painted gaming experience.

Elevate Your Gaming Table:

With the CITADEL Paint Brush: Large Scenery, the only limit to your battlefield creations is your imagination. This brush empowers you to efficiently and effectively bring your gaming table to life, adding depth, texture, and color to your worlds. Embrace the art of scenery painting and transform your tabletop battles into unforgettable narratives.

Add the CITADEL Paint Brush: Large Scenery to your collection today and discover the joy of creating dynamic and visually stunning gaming environments.

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