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Unlock the Art of Textured Highlights with CITADEL Paint Brush: Large Dry Brush

Elevate your miniature painting with the CITADEL Paint Brush: Large Dry Brush, a high-caliber tool designed to bring out the finest textures and highlights across a broad range of surfaces. Crafted for enthusiasts and professionals alike, this brush is an indispensable asset for adding depth, dimension, and detailed textures to your miniatures with unparalleled ease.

Key Features:

Optimized Bristle Design: Featuring large, flat bristles specifically engineered for dry brushing, this brush efficiently captures the high points of your miniatures, enhancing textures and details with minimal effort. The bristles are designed to hold a minimal amount of paint for a light, feathery touch that brings out the best in your models.

Ergonomic Handle: The CITADEL Paint Brush: Large Dry Brush is designed with an ergonomically shaped handle, ensuring comfort and control during prolonged painting sessions. This thoughtful design allows for precise manipulation, giving you the freedom to master your dry brushing technique.

Wide Coverage: The large brush head is ideal for quickly covering expansive areas, making it perfect for applying dry brushing techniques to larger miniatures or terrain features. Its size and shape enable efficient, uniform application, ensuring consistent results across your projects.

Durable and Reliable: Crafted with high-quality materials, this brush withstands the rigors of dry brushing, maintaining its shape and stiffness over time. Its durability ensures that it remains a staple in your painting toolkit for countless projects.


  • Achieve professional-level textures and highlights with a brush designed specifically for dry brushing.
  • Enjoy enhanced comfort and control with an ergonomic handle tailored for detailed work.
  • Cover large areas with ease, thanks to the brush's wide head, saving time without compromising on detail.
  • Rely on a durable, high-quality brush that delivers consistent performance, project after project.

Ideal For:

The CITADEL Paint Brush: Large Dry Brush is perfect for painters who want to explore the full potential of dry brushing techniques. Whether you're adding subtle textures to individual figures or bringing out the intricate details of large-scale models and terrain pieces, this brush provides the precision, control, and coverage needed to achieve outstanding results.

Transform Your Miniatures with Textured Mastery:

With the CITADEL Paint Brush: Large Dry Brush, you're not just painting; you're adding a layer of depth and realism to your miniatures that standard painting techniques can't match. Its specialized design ensures that every stroke brings your models to life, highlighting the textures and details that make your work stand out.

Make the CITADEL Paint Brush: Large Dry Brush a key player in your painting arsenal and witness the transformation in your miniatures' appearance, as you master the art of dry brushing.

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