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The Scarab Occult Terminators are veterans of countless battles, chosen from among the ranks of the Thousand Sons Legion for their skill in combat and mastery of the arcane. They are the elite of an already elite legion, wielding formidable weapons and possessing formidable psychic powers.

Armor and Equipment: Scarab Occult Terminators are clad in ancient and ornate Terminator armor, which provides them with unmatched protection on the battlefield. Their armor is often adorned with symbols of Tzeentch, reflecting their allegiance to the Chaos god of change and sorcery.

They are typically armed with a variety of devastating weaponry, including inferno combi-bolters, power swords, power fists, and other arcane relics of the Thousand Sons Legion. Some Scarab Occult Terminators may also be equipped with heavy weapons such as soulreaper cannons or hellfyre missile racks to provide additional fire support.

Psychic Abilities: Like all members of the Thousand Sons, Scarab Occult Terminators are potent psykers, capable of wielding powerful psychic powers to devastate their enemies. They are typically equipped with a variety of psychic abilities, including offensive powers such as smite and defensive powers to protect themselves and their comrades.

Role: Scarab Occult Terminators serve as the vanguard of the Thousand Sons Legion, leading the charge into battle with unmatched ferocity and determination. They are often deployed in the most dangerous and critical combat situations, where their combination of psychic abilities and heavy firepower can turn the tide of battle in favor of the Thousand Sons.

Combat Tactics: In battle, Scarab Occult Terminators excel at both ranged and close combat, using their formidable weaponry and psychic powers to annihilate enemy forces with ruthless efficiency. They are often deployed in teleportation strikes, appearing suddenly amidst enemy lines to sow chaos and destruction before disappearing just as quickly.

Symbolism: The Scarab Occult Terminators are a symbol of the Thousand Sons' dedication to the pursuit of knowledge and sorcery. Clad in ancient Terminator armor and wielding potent psychic powers, they are a formidable force on the battlefield and a testament to the power and majesty of the Thousand Sons Legion.

Overall, the Scarab Occult Terminators are elite warriors of the Thousand Sons, feared and revered by their allies and enemies alike. With their ancient armor, powerful weaponry, and mastery of the arcane, they are a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield, capable of turning the tide of battle in favor of the Thousand Sons Legion.

This multi-part plastic kit contains the components necessary to assemble 5 Scarab Occult Terminators, armed with Inferno combi-bolters and khopesh blades. One model can be assembled with an included heavy warpflamer, soulreaper cannon or hellfyre missile rack. One model can be assembled as a Scarab Occult Sorcerer, who can exchange his combi-bolter for an included power sword. Supplied with 5 Citadel 40mm Round bases.

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