Warhammer Chaos Space Marines Thousand Sons Magnus the Red New in Box

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Magnus the Red (Also known as the Crimson King, the Sorcerer-KingCyclopean Magnus or the Red Cyclops) is the Primarch of the Thousand Sons Chaos Space Marine legion. A giant in both physical and mental terms whilst a mortal inhabitant of the materium, Magnus long tried to understand and control the warp, becoming a sorcerer of formidable power. Magnus would eventually fall from favour with his father, the Emperor, and with the majority of his brother-primarchs due to his zealous advocacy and use of such power. Indeed it would prove to be his mortal undoing, as, forewarned of Horus' fall to Chaos, his attempt to use his own warp-touched abilities to alert the Emperor to the situation brought about his own damnation and servitude to the Chaos God Tzeentch. Magnus led his own troops to the banner of Horus and fought on his side during the Great Betrayal, surviving the events and being elevated to the position of Daemon Prince. He has spent the majority of the millennia since ensconced atop his tower upon the Planet of the Sorcerers, planning the destruction of the Imperium.

This multi-part plastic kit contains the components necessary to assemble Magnus the Red, Daemon Primarch of Tzeentch. An imposing winged model whose size is appropriate to his power, he comes with a selection of 3 different faces (cyclopean, open helm and closed helm), is clad in armour dating from before the dark days of the Horus Heresy and has an array of modelling options: accessories include magical tomes, scrolls and daggers. He’s armed with the frankly ostentatious Blade of Magnus, modelled as a choice of glaive or sword. Supplied with a Citadel 100mm Round based, and a crushed Space Wolf Dreadnought for a base detail!

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