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The Noctilith Crown is a formidable structure used by the Chaos Space Marines in the Warhammer 40,000 tabletop wargame. It is a powerful fortification that serves as both a source of dark energy and a bastion for Chaos forces. Here's a brief description of the Noctilith Crown:

Dark Monolith: The Noctilith Crown is a massive, sinister monolith-like structure of dark stone or metal. It is adorned with blasphemous symbols and runes that channel the energies of Chaos.

Source of Dark Power: The primary function of the Noctilith Crown is to harness the chaotic energies of the Warp. It draws power from the immaterial realm, which can be used for various purposes, including empowering Chaos units and war engines.

Warp Shield: The Noctilith Crown generates a protective Warp shield, making it resistant to enemy attacks. This shield not only makes the Crown difficult to destroy but also provides cover to nearby Chaos forces.

Empowerment Beacon: When Chaos units are within range of the Noctilith Crown, they can tap into its energies to become more formidable in battle. This includes improved accuracy, enhanced durability, and increased psychic potential.

Summoning Portal: Some Noctilith Crowns are rumored to have the ability to open small rifts to the Warp, allowing Chaos sorcerers to summon daemons and other warp-spawned entities to the battlefield.

Objective Marker: In certain game scenarios, the Noctilith Crown may serve as an objective marker, requiring players to capture or destroy it to achieve their goals.

Symbol of Chaos: The Noctilith Crown is a symbol of Chaos and corruption, representing the malevolent power of the Warp and the dominion of Chaos Space Marines over it.

In gameplay, the Noctilith Crown adds a strategic element to Chaos Space Marine armies. It provides bonuses to nearby units while offering defensive benefits. It is also an iconic and thematic structure that reflects the dark and chaotic nature of the Chaos Space Marines in the Warhammer 40,000 universe.

This kit builds one Noctilith Crown. A towering structure, it’s an incredible piece for tying your collection together, featuring the same techno-baroque aesthetic shared by the rest of the Chaos Space Marines. Use yours as a Fortification in your games, or grab several kits to build terrifying, Chaos-themed battlefields.

This kit is supplied 24 plastic components.

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