Warhammer Chaos Space Marine Raptors New

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The vicious Chaos Space Marine warbands known as Raptors feel themselves to be the best. What the Assault Marines of the Traitor Legions have evolved into is exemplified by their murder squads.

Miniatures of Chaos Space Marine Raptors can be found in a variety of lively stances. On their bases, they are sculpted poised atop or taking off from battlefield detritus. The figures' metal-rimmed armour is distorted everywhere, with grills poking out from shoulder pads, cables sticking out from the body armour, and fangs protruding from various areas around the rim of the jump packs.

This multi-part plastic boxed set contains 116 components, five 32mm round bases, and a Chaos Space Marine Transfer Sheet, with which to build 5 Chaos Space Marines Raptors or 5 Chaos Space Marines Warp Talons.
This kit is supplied unpainted and requires assembly

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