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The Contorted Epitome is a distinctive and sinister unit within the Slaanesh Daemons faction in the Warhammer 40,000 and Warhammer Age of Sigmar tabletop wargames. This daemonic entity is a manifestation of the darker and more enigmatic aspects of Slaanesh's domain. Here's a brief description of The Contorted Epitome:

Psychic and Physical Duality: The Contorted Epitome is a dual-entity creature that combines both psychic and physical aspects. It consists of a Slaaneshi sorceress and a mirror reflection, merging the physical and metaphysical into one being.

Manipulative Sorcery: The Contorted Epitome is a powerful sorceress, capable of weaving dark and manipulative spells. She excels in psychic manipulation, affecting the minds and perceptions of both allies and enemies.

Reality Warping: With its psychic abilities, The Contorted Epitome can manipulate reality and bend it to her will. This includes creating illusions, altering perceptions, and confounding her opponents.

Slaaneshi Allegiance: The Contorted Epitome is a devoted servant of Slaanesh, and its actions align with the hedonistic and pleasure-seeking nature of the Chaos God.

Psychic Disruption: Similar to other Slaaneshi daemons, The Contorted Epitome can disrupt the psychic powers of enemy psykers, creating confusion and disarray on the battlefield.

Symbol of Slaanesh: The Contorted Epitome embodies the themes of manipulation, duality, and the darker, more cerebral aspects of Slaanesh's domain. Its presence adds thematic richness to the Slaanesh Daemons faction.

In both lore and gameplay, The Contorted Epitome is a unique and enigmatic unit within the Slaanesh Daemons faction. Its psychic abilities, manipulative powers, and duality make it a versatile and intriguing addition to Slaaneshi armies. The Contorted Epitome's role reflects the more cerebral and psychological elements of Slaanesh's realm, emphasizing the allure of deception and the twisting of reality.

This kit is supplied in 25 plastic components, and is supplied with 1x 75mm oval base.

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