Vallejo Model Air Paint Set: US Navy and USMC Colours 1940-1945 - VAL71157

$ 30.00 CAD

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Vallejo Model Air – Air War Color Series set with 8 colours developed for painting the camouflage patterns of US Navy & USMC aircraft in World War Two. The sets include the colours for the air plane profiles and camouflage patterns drawn by Mark Rolfe. With the collaboration of Pieza a Pieza.

This Vallejo Model Air Paint set comes with the following eight WWII United States Navy Aircraft colours in 17ml bottles.

Includes 1 each of:
71109 Faded P.R.U. Blue FS35189 BS636
71121 Light Gull Grey FS36440 ANA620
71277 Dark Gull Grey FS36321 ANA621
71279 Insignia White FS37875 ANA601
71295 USN Sea Blue FS35042 ANA607
71298 M495 Light Grey FS36357
71299 Intermediate Blue FS35164 ANA608
71300 Glossy Sea Blue FS15042 ANA623

17ml plastic squeeze bottles