Vallejo Model Air Paint Set: Luftwaffe Colours Pre-War to 1941 - VAL71165

$ 30.00 CAD

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RLM (Reichs Luftfahrt Ministerium) colors with new formulations, revised on the basis of an extensive study and review of the exact shades of the available documentation and most recent bibliographies. The new RLM sets include profiles of the aircraft by Mark Rolfe, showing the various RLM color combinations used in the camouflage patterns, as well as information about their application and purpose. With the collaboration of the Pieza a Pieza Modelling Workshop

This set is developed for camouflage patterns of any type WWII Luftwaffe aircraft previous to he WW II and the Spanish Civil War (Cóndor Legion), as well as for the campaigns and initial phases of the conflict in Poland, Northern Europe, and the battles of France and England.

Contains 8 17ml flasks with following:

  • 71042 RLM61 Dunkelbraun
  • 71104 RLM62 Grun
  • 71260 RLM63 Hellgrau
  • 71255 RLM65 Leichtblau
  • 71021 RLM70 Schwarzgrun
  • 71015 RLM71 Oliv Grun
  • 71044 RLM02 Grau (interior)
  • 71078 RLM04 Gelb

Full instructions about RLM Colours and their use