The Lord Of The Rings Card Game Nightmare Deck THE BLOOD OF GONDOR New

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Nightmare Decks for The Lord of the Rings LCG allow you to revisit your favorite scenarios cast in the shadows of the game's challenging Nightmare Mode. Featuring deadlier enemies, darker locations, and more terrifying surprises, each Nightmare Deck introduces new, alternate encounter cards and instructions for using them to reshape a scenario's encounter deck. The result? A nightmarish journey through territory you thought you knew, but with twists and turns that will have you on the edge of your seat!

When your heroes chase after a band of Orcs fleeing into the woods of Ithilien, their hunt leads them perilously close to the hidden enemies from The Blood of Gondor Nightmare Deck. In The Blood of Gondor, your heroes are ambushed on all sides by "hidden cards," which enter your play area facedown until different effects force them to flip over. The Blood of Gondor Nightmare Deckamplifies the tension and excitement this mechanic creates, adding more effects that cause you to take hidden cards, more effects that flip them over, and a number of nasty surprises that trigger when they're flipped faceup.

Nightmare Decks are available via Print on Demand and may differ subtly in appearance and texture from Core Set cards. Players are thus encouraged to utilize opaque or art sleeves while playing in Nightmare Mode.


  • 20 Cards