The Lord Of The Rings Card Game Nightmare Deck CELEBRIMBOR'S SECRET POD New

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Middle-earth and The Lord of the Rings: The Card Game are full of adventures, and your road goes ever, ever on. Sometimes, when the mood strikes you—or when your heroes take a wrong turn—you may see that road darken… and then darken again.

Nightmare Decks allow you to revisit your favorite scenarios recast within the darker and deadlier shadows of Nightmare Mode. Each Nightmare Deck introduces new encounter cards that you exchange with specified cards from the adventure's standard encounter deck. The result is a more challenging adventure that comes full of novel and thematic new twists.

The heart of Celebrimbor's Secret is the tension of the race to locate Celebrimbor's abandoned ring mould among the ruins of Ost-in-Edhil. As your heroes explore the ruins and its various locations, the Dark Lord's forces conduct their own search, led by an agent named Bellach. If you don't quickly explore the locations that make their way to the staging area, Bellach and his Orcs might explore them first. While your exploration places progress on locations as normal, your enemies' exploration of locations places damage on them, and any locations with damage equal to their printed quest points are placed facedown underneath The Orcs' Search (Celebrimbor's Secret, 125), where they force your threat to rise more sharply at the end of each round.

By providing Bellach and his Orcs with even more ways to damage locations and add them to The Orcs' Search, the Celebrimbor's Secret Nightmare Deck forces you to act with more urgency than ever.