The Lord Of The Rings Card Game Across The Ettenmoors Adventure Pack New

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With its sixty new cards, Across the Ettenmoors thrusts you squarely into the heart of the troll-fells, a stretch of land rumored to be riddled with Trolls. In this third Adventure Pack in the Angmar Awakened cycle for The Lord of the Rings: The Card Game, your heroes must travel through this dangerous territory, even as the hordes of Mount Gram follow close behind. Fortunately, you'll also find a new Tactics hero and three copies each of nine different player cards, including new Signals, Mounts, Ents, and Valour effects. A new scenario challenges players to send their heroes across the deadly Troll-fells A new Tactics hero lends versatility to your fellowship's defensive efforts Nine different player cards (three copies each) add new Signals, Mounts, Ents, and Valour effects This is an expansion. A copy of the following is needed to play: Lord of the Rings LCG Core Set; The Lost Realms expansion