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The Army Painter Zombicide Toxic/prison Paint Set New

  • Customise Your Minis and Start Gaming — Get All the Colours You Need to Paint Your Toxic and Berserker Zombies from The Toxic City Mall and Prison Outbreak Zombicide Expansions with This Special Custom Paint Set Created by The Army Painter for The Popular Zombicide Boardgames by Guillotine Games
  • Speed-Paint Like a Pro — This Zombicide Paint Kit Includes 4 Acrylic Paints, 2 Quickshade Washes and A Comprehensive Guide to Mastering the Army Painter’s Spray-Paint-Dip-Done Technique, Enabling You to Get Your Minis Game-Ready on The Tabletop in No Time
  • Ideal Opacity; Smooth Application — with The Perfect Workable Viscosity and With neither Thick nor Thin Consistency, These 18 Ml Bottle Zombicide Paints Are Easy to Work With, so Even Beginners Get the Perfect Coverage with Each Brush Stroke
  • Create Endless Colour Schemes — Each Paint in This Miniatures Paint Set Is Colour-Packed and Provides a Solid Coverage; They Not only Work Well with Colour Primers, Washes and Highlighters from The Army Painter Line but Also with The Other Zombicide Sets
  • Dropper Cap to Prevent Drying — Get the Exact Amount You Need with The Ergonomically Designed Dropper Bottle, so You Won’t Be Wasting Any Paint. the Colours Are Highly Pigmented so Give the Bottle a Good Shake Before Squeezing