Team Yankee American HMMWV Platoon New

$ 51.75 CAD

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1 HMMWV Platoon box set contains:

  • 6 Plastic HMMVW Utility Vehicles
  • 1 HMMVW Crew Sprue
  • 1 Decal Sheet
  • 1 Unit Card

The US divisions organised under the light division structure, such as the 82nd Airborne, had one reconnaissance squadron with one light cavalry troop mounted in wheeled vehicles. These had initially been jeeps, but by 1985 had been replaced by the new High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicle (HMMWV), ‘Humvee’ or ‘Hummer’ as it quickly became known to the troops.

The United States has the most powerful armed forces in the world. Three army corps stand ready to defend Western Europe from the red horde poised across the Iron Curtain. Armoured troops’ powerful M60 Patton tanks or state of the art M1 or IPM1 Abrams tanks, mechanized infantry mounted in reliable M113 personnel carriers, and light infantry of the 82nd Airborne all stand ready to stop the red tide.

Supplied unpainted & unassembled