Tamiya TAM31906 RUSSIAN SSGN "KURSK" (OSCAR 2) (1/700) New

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Kursk was a Russian Oscar II-class submarine. The ships of this class were nuclear-powered ships - carriers of cruise missiles (SSGN), which were probably built in 1986-1996 at the shipyard in the city of Severodvinsk. It is estimated that twelve units of this class were built. The length of the Oscar II-class ship is 155 m, width 18.2 m, and the underwater displacement was up to 16,400 tons. The maximum underwater speed is around 25-27 knots. The main armament of units of this class consists of 24 launchers for the SS-N-19 rockets (P-700 Granit) and 6 torpedo tubes cal. 650 mm and 533 mm.

The Oscar II class ships (project 949A), while still Soviet, were intended primarily for the destruction of US Navy aircraft carrier teams. They were also constructed to complement the Oscar-class ships (Project 949) and to replace Charlie-class ships. Compared to units of the second class, they differ in terms of their main weapons and are also much larger - especially when it comes to the width of the unit. It is assumed that the Oscar and Oscar II type units are the largest submarines in the world, apart from some SSBN units. The Oscar II class included the Kursk, which sank during the Northern Fleet's exercises in the Barents Sea in August 2000. The cause of the sinking was probably the detonation of one of the torpedoes carried by the ship. At present, there are probably 10 Oscar II-class units in the service of the Russian fleet.