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Elevate Your Basecoating with CITADEL Synthetic Base Brush Medium

Introducing the CITADEL Synthetic Base Brush Medium – your go-to tool for achieving flawless base coats on your miniatures. Crafted with the precision and quality you've come to expect from CITADEL tools, this medium-sized brush is specifically designed to provide smooth, even coverage across a variety of surface areas. Whether you're working on infantry, vehicles, or larger models, the Synthetic Base Brush Medium ensures your foundational paint layer is applied with perfection.

Key Features:

Synthetic Bristles: Engineered with high-quality synthetic fibers, this brush is designed to hold and distribute paint evenly, ensuring a smooth application without streaking. The bristles are resilient, maintaining their shape and integrity even after extensive use.

Medium Size for Versatility: The brush's medium size makes it incredibly versatile, ideal for applying base coats to models of various sizes. It's large enough to cover broad surfaces quickly yet nimble enough for detailed work on smaller models.

Ergonomic Handle: The CITADEL Synthetic Base Brush Medium features an ergonomically designed handle that fits comfortably in your hand, reducing fatigue during long painting sessions. This allows for greater control and precision with every stroke.

Durable and Easy to Clean: Made to withstand the rigors of regular use, this brush is not only durable but also easy to clean, ensuring it remains a staple in your painting toolkit for many projects to come.


  • Achieve consistent, smooth base coats that provide the perfect foundation for layering colors and adding details.
  • Enjoy the versatility of a medium-sized brush capable of handling a wide range of painting tasks, from large surface areas to precise applications.
  • Paint comfortably for longer periods thanks to the ergonomic design, minimizing hand strain and improving overall painting experience.
  • Rely on a durable, easy-to-maintain brush that delivers consistent performance, enhancing the quality of your work.

Ideal For:

The CITADEL Synthetic Base Brush Medium is perfect for miniature painters of all levels looking to lay down impeccable base coats. Whether you're a beginner starting your painting journey or a seasoned veteran working on a diverse range of models, this brush combines efficiency, precision, and durability to help you achieve stunning results.

Master Your Basecoating Technique:

With the CITADEL Synthetic Base Brush Medium, basecoating becomes an effortless part of your painting process, setting the stage for spectacular finishes. Embrace the quality and versatility of this essential tool, and take the first step towards creating miniatures that stand out on the battlefield and in collections.

Make the CITADEL Synthetic Base Brush Medium a cornerstone of your painting toolkit and witness the transformation in your basecoating technique and overall painting projects.

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