Star Wars X-Wing 2nd Ed: Tie / Sf Fighter New

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Development of the TIE/sf fighter required Sienar-Jaemus Fleet Systems to pioneer new energy-cell technology to power the advanced systems demanded by the First Order Special Forces. The resulting starfighter boasts a versatile array of weapons, shields, and sensors, suitable for any situation. Equipped with a Heavy Weapon Turret that can be rotated between its front and rear arcs, the TIE/sf is a threat from multiple angles. On top of the TIE/sf miniature, the TIE/sf Fighter Expansion Pack also contains four TIE/sf ship cards identical to those in the First Order Conversion Kit, six upgrade cards, and two new Quick Build cards. A First Order ship expansion for X-Wing Add a TIE/sf to your First Order squadrons to challenge even the best Resistance pilots Four ship cards give you the freedom to hand pick the pilots in your squadron Six upgrade cards let you add improvements that match your strategy