Star Wars X-Wing 2nd Ed: Tie / Fo Fighter New

$ 23.00 CAD

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Terrorize your foes with the next evolution of the iconic TIE fighter! The TIE/fo Fighter Expansion Pack contains everything you need to include the First Order’s take on this classic starfighter in your X-Wing Second Edition squadron. Developed using technologies pioneered for the Empire’s TIE Advanced program, the TIE/fo fighter is a shielded, mass produced TIE fighter that the First Order can use to spread terror across the galaxy. The strikingly detailed, pre-painted miniature in this expansion is accompanied by twelve ship cards—including nine unique pilots—and five upgrades, giving you all the raw power you need to begin rebuilding the Empire. A First Order faction starship expansion for X-Wing Second Edition Features a highly detailed and pre-painted TIE/fo fighter miniature Includes everything you need to add the next evolution of the iconic TIE fighter to your X-Wing Second Edition squadron Contains twelve ship cards and five upgrades, giving you all the tools you need to customize your TIE/fo to fit your play style