Star Wars X-Wing 2nd Ed: First Order Conversion Kit New

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Strike out across the galaxy and sweep away the last remnants of the Republic with the First Order Conversion Kit for X-Wing Second Edition! This kit contains everything you need to strike fear into the heart of the Resistance and take your squad into the future of X-Wing, including a wide variety of new ship cards and tokens, more than one-hundred upgrade cards, and new maneuver dials for all of your First Order ships. Adapts your collection of First Order ships from the First Edition into X-Wing Second Edition Contains a vast array of new ship cards and tokens, including some of the First Order’s most celebrated pilots such as Kylo Ren, Major Stridan, and “Backdraft” Includes over 100 upgrade cards, giving you the freedom to customize your X-Wing Second Edition squadrons Contains brand-new cards from X-Wing Second Edition ship expansion