Star Wars Legion: Premium Large Bases New

$ 26.25 CAD

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Whether you prefer to command legions of Stormtroopers in the name of the Empire or lead elite Rebel strike teams, the premium bases included in these packs upgrade the look of your army and invite you to further immerse yourself in your Star Wars: Legion battles. Each pack of Premium Large Bases helps you update your army’s vehicles by covering all three sizes of notched bases. Each of these packs contains eight premium notched bases, enough to upgrade two AT-ST or T-47 Airspeeder units, two AT-RTs, and four 74-Z Speeder Bikes. In addition to allowing easy movement of your units, each of these premium bases features its own texture, announcing the uniqueness of your army. A new accessory for Star Wars: Legion. Bring an added layer of Star Wars flavor to your large miniatures by upgrading their bases. Contains eight premium notched bases, two large, two medium, and two small.