Star Wars: Imperial Assault - Twin Shadows Expansion New

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Investigate the Empire's growing presence on Tattooine in Twin Shadows, an expansion for Imperial Assault. Its fully formed mini-campaign challenges the Rebels to help Han Solo, while new tiles and skirmish missions allow you to battle through a Mos Eisley cantina. Two new heroes seek to recover vital components for the Rebel Alliance, but they must first deal with the expansion's Heavy Storm troopers and Tusken Raiders. With ten sculpted plastic figures, twelve double-sided map tiles, and over sixty new cards, Twin Shadows brings new dangers, drama, and heroics to every Imperial Assault campaign and skirmish!. An expansion for Imperial Assault, adding new materials to both the campaign and skirmish games A mini-campaign challenges players to investigate the Imperial presence on Tattooine New skirmish missions challenge you to make contact with informants or recover vital components in the midst of a firefight Introduces two new Rebel heroes, along with Heavy Stormtroopers and Tusken Raiders