Star Wars Imperial Assault ISB Infiltrators Villain Pack New

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Few Imperial institutions command more fear than the Imperial Security Bureau. Enforce the status quo and punish sedition in your games of Imperial Assault with the help of the ISB Infiltrators Villain Pack. This Villain Pack adds new materials to all of your campaigns and skirmish games with a new three-card Agenda set, new Command cards, additional Deployment cards, and brand-new missions for your campaigns and skirmishes. Prepare to put the fear of the Empire in your opponents! This figure pack includes two sculpted plastic figures depicting ISB In ltrators ready for action. A new Villain Pack for Imperial Assault Engage in counter-espionage against the Rebel Alliance with two sculpted plastic ISB Infitrator figures A new campaign side mission challenges the heroes to face the ISB Infiltrators Two new skirmish missions that share a map offer you the perfect opportunity to use the ISB In ltrators in a skirmish.