Star Wars: Imperial Assault: Hired Guns Vilain Pack New

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Two Hired Guns join the Mercenaries faction with the Hired Guns Villain Pack for Imperial Assault, and they’re ready to fight for the highest bidder! During a campaign, your Hired Guns can make life difficult for the Rebel heroes by allying with the Empire. Alternatively, the Hired Guns can join your skirmish strike teams as disposable warriors to make a sudden opening assault. A new skirmish map invites you to complete two new missions within the sewers of Nar Shaddaa, while four new Command cards allow you to slip away from your enemies or push them further away from victory! This Villain Pack features two sculpted plastic Hired Gun figures so you can hire these Rodian bounty hunters to battle your foes Strike a bargain between the Imperials and mercenary forces with a new three-card Agenda set Two new skirmish missions invite you to search for hidden treasures in the sewers of Nar Shaddaa Four new Command cards allow your Hired Guns to slip through your opponents’ clutches.