Star Wars Imperial Assault Bantha Rider Villain Pack New

$ 25.00 CAD

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Ride out of the desert atop a mighty bantha with the Bantha Rider Villain Pack for Imperial Assault! This massive beast can trample your enemies as its Tusken Raider rider takes potshots at more distant targets. Along with its sculpted plastic figure, this dual-natured expansion allows your Tusken Raiders to terrorize the Rebellion’s heroes over the course of a campaign, or you can hire the Bantha Rider to fight alongside your Tusken Raiders in a skirmish game. With its powerful beast and six brand-new Command cards, the Bantha Rider Villain Pack offers new surprises for every skirmish. A Wave IV Mercenary faction figure pack for Imperial Assault Introduces the Bantha Rider to Imperial Assault A new three-card Agenda set allows the Tusken Raiders to follow the heroes throughout a campaign Two new skirmish missions challenge you to trample your foes and unleash the fury of the Tusken Raiders.