Star Wars: Armada: Profundity Expansion Pack New

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Profundity Expansion Pack

As much as the presence of Grand Admiral Thrawn shapes the Chimaera Expansion Pack, Admiral Raddus does the same for the Profundity Expansion Pack. Arriving in force aboard a hulking MC75 star cruiser, Admiral Raddus draws you into the space battle of Rogue One, with two ship cards for the MC75 cruiser and a total of fourteen upgrade cards.

In our first guest article with Chris Fritz, we explored exactly what can become possible when you include Admiral Raddus in your army. Admiral Raddus allows you to set aside one of your ships at the beginning of the game—and then have it “hyperspace jump” into the battle at a key moment. If your Imperial opponent is suddenly faced down by a massive capital ship emerging from hyperspace and bristling with turbolaser cannons, it might just be enough to break the Imperial lines and destroy your enemies in a key battle. You can read more about Admiral Raddus in Chris’s guest article here.

Admiral Raddus brings a new ship blasting out of hyperspace to catch the 
Chimaera in flank!

We also took the time to explore the interplay between the objectives that you choose and the ships that you bring to the battle in Star Wars: Armada with Ian Cross. Though neither the Chimaera Expansion Pack nor the Profundity Expansion Pack introduce new objectives to the game, every new capital ship that enters the game offers a new variable into your battles—and another thing to consider when you’re picking the perfect objectives to accompany your fleet. You can read more of Ian Cross’s conclusions in his guest article here!

And finally, we took the time to look into the Profundity Expansion Pack itself, taking a closer look at the options you’ll find from the two MC75 ship cards and the arsenal of upgrade cards to be found within this expansion pack. With characters like Jyn Erso arriving to support Admiral Raddus in battle, you can bring the might of the Rebel Alliance to bear against the Galactic Empire with this new capital ship. You can read more here in our article, “Profundity.”

Jump to Hyperspace

The fleet battles of Star Wars: Armada are about to heat up, with two powerful new capital ships and two brilliant commanders blasting their way onto the battlefield.