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Shadowrun 4 Th Colombian Subterfuge Horizon 3 New

Requires Shadowrun, Twentieth Anniversary Edition. Offers the Character Statistics, Setting Information, and Plot Points Needed for Gamemasters to Take Players on The Third in A Series of Adventures that Will Continue to Show the Machinations of The Newest Megacorporation, Horizon, While Also Plunging Players Into the Chaos of The Aztlan-Amazonia War. • Continues a Plot Strand that Will Culminate in A Campaign Book that Reveals More About the Horizon Corporation than Has Ever Been Shown Before. • Involves Players Into the Shadows of War, as They Plant Seeds for Propaganda that Could Influence the Ongoing Battle. • Brings the Players Into the Wilds of Bolivia and Forces Them to Attempt to Stay out Of Harm’s Way in A War Zone. • Builds on Plotlines, Characters, and Situations Covered in War! • Can Be Played Alone or As the Continuation to The Horizon Series, Which Will Have Ramifications in The Ongoing Shadowrun