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Within the sprawling and boisterous society of Orcs and Goblins, the Orc Big 'Uns Command stands as a formidable presence, embodying the strength and ferocity of the Greenskin race. Led by the largest and most brutal of Orc warriors, these elite units inspire fear and awe in equal measure, their towering presence and martial prowess striking terror into the hearts of their enemies.

Fearsome Leaders: The Orc Big 'Uns Command is led by the fiercest and most battle-hardened of Orcs, towering figures whose strength and ferocity are matched only by their cunning and brutality. These fearsome leaders inspire loyalty and obedience in their troops, driving them to ever greater acts of violence and conquest.

Elite Warriors: Comprising the most skilled and experienced warriors within Orc tribes, the Big 'Uns are a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield. Towering over their lesser brethren, they wield massive weapons with ease and carve through enemy ranks with savage abandon, leaving a trail of destruction in their wake.

Discipline and Order: Despite their reputation for savagery, the Orc Big 'Uns Command operates with a surprising degree of discipline and organization. Under the command of their chieftains, they march in tight formations, their ranks unbroken even in the midst of battle. This disciplined approach allows them to unleash devastating charges upon their foes, breaking enemy lines with irresistible force.

Battle Standards: Accompanying the Orc Big 'Uns into battle are the tribal standards, towering banners emblazoned with symbols of war and conquest. These standards serve as rallying points for Orc forces, inspiring them to greater acts of valor and ferocity in the heat of battle. To see the banner of the Orc Big 'Uns flying high is to know that death and destruction are close at hand.

Symbol of Power: The Orc Big 'Uns Command is more than just a military unit; it is a symbol of Orcish power and dominance. To see these elite warriors marching to war is to know that the might of the Greenskin tribes is arrayed against you, and that victory will only come at a terrible cost.

This kit contains 4 metal components, 16 plastic components, 3x Citadel 30mm Square Bases, and a paper sheet with two banner designs. These miniatures are supplied unpainted and require assembly 

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