Mr Color Super Metallic - Plate Silver SM08 New

$ 20.00 CAD

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This is a high-grade paint which is including ultra fine nano size particle metallic pigment and can provide shiny chrome feeling.

How to Use
・Recommended by airbrush painting.
・Basically it is not necessary to thin it. It can also be used in an airbrush without thinning, however, if you feel the paint is too thick, add a small amount of Aqueous Hobby Color Thinner to adjust concentration.
・Clear paint (including water based paint) can not be applied over the painted surface. (It dulls the color.)

Tips of use
・Make the surface of parts flat before applying this paint. Thus it can provide more shiny chrome feeling.
・It is desirable that the air pressure is from 0.03Mpa to 0.05Mpa.
・Paint this little by little, otherwise it can not provide chrome feeling nicely.