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Magic the Gathering Zendikar Rising Set Booster Box New

  • The Best Way to Open Packs Just for The Fun of Opening Them. Zendikar Rising Set Boosters Are the Go-To if You're Looking to Rip Open a Magic: The Gathering Booster Pack Just to See What's Inside.
  • 30 Packs + 1 Box Topper. Get 30 Zendikar Rising Set Boosters Plus 1 "expedition Land" Box Topper—a Celebrated Land Card with Alternate Art and A Special Frame Inspired by The Sky Dungeons of Zendikar.
  • A Foil and A Full-Art Land in Every Pack. Zendikar Rising Set Boosters Come with 1 Full-Art Land Card, Plus at Least One Foil Card. (the Foil Cards Can Be Any Rarity.)
  • Art Cards. Each Set Booster Starts with An Art Card: A Beautiful Piece of Borderless Mtg Art, Some with The Artist's Signature Across the Front in Shining Gold.
  • "the List"— Cards from Magic's History. 1 in 4 Set Boosters Includes a Card from "the List"—a Pool of Reprints, Ranging from Powerful to Flat-Out Wild, Presented in Their Original Art and Frame.
  • Contents. 30 Zendikar Rising Set Booster Packs, 1 Expedition Land Box Topper. Each Pack Contains 12 Cards, 1 Art Card, and One Ad/token or Special Card from Magic's History, with 1 Full-Art Basic Land and At Least 1 Rare and 1 Foil.