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Lord of The Rings Lcg: The Mumakil New


The Mûmakil Is the First Adventure Pack in The Haradrim Cycle for The Lord of The Rings: The Card Game. After Journeying Long and Far Across the Sands of Harad, Several of Middle-Earth's Greatest Heroes Find Themselves Surrounded by Enemies and Stranded Far from Home. Now, These Heroes Must Gather Their Strength and Embark upon The Harrowing Journey Home. No Roads Guide Their Way, yet They Must Travel More than Five-Hundred Miles Along a Route that Will Lead Them Straight Through Some of The World's Strangest and Most Dangerous Lands. as It Leads Us Into the Haradrim Cycle, the Mûmakil Establishes Our Heroes' Plight and Their Ambitions. to Cross the Hostile Lands Between Them and Their Destination, the Heroes Must Be Cautious and Alert, and They Must Think Carefully About how Best to Prepare Themselves for Their Journey. so It Is that In the Mûmakil We Find the Heroes Heading Into the Jungles of Harad in Order to Capture Oliphaunts to Serve Them as Mounts. in Addition, the Mûmakil Introduces a New Hero and Three Copies Each of Nine Different Player Cards that Develop the Cycle's Focus on New Partnerships. You'll Find Powerful Events that Require You to Build Your Fellowship Around Paired Traits, as Well as The Opportunity to Make Allies with Some of The Haradrim, Themselves. the First Adventure Pack in The Harari Cycle for The Lord of The Rings: The Card Game Begins an Epic Tale of The Heroes' Long and Perilous Homeward Journey Through Enemy Territory Challenges the Heroes to Snare Oliphant's to Use as Mounts on Their Journey Introduces a New Leadership Hero and Three Copies Each of Nine Different Player Cards.