Infinity: Ariadna Intel Spec-Ops - Heavy Pistol/Sniper New

$ 16.00 CAD

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Infinity Spec-Ops have no troop profile in the Army Lists, however, they are the perfect proxies to use in official Infinity tournaments. Infinity Spec-Ops have been created to use the Experience Rules in the Infinity Campaign System (ICS), which you will find in the "Daedalus' Fall" book. Customize your trooper and improve it thanks to the experience acquired from the missions you play. It’s a new and entertaining way to play Infinity. Don't miss it!

This blister includes an Intel Spec-Ops with Sniper Rifle, Molotok, and CC Weapon options for the right arm and Heavy Pistol and Unarmed hand options for the left arm. The Spec-Ops that Ariadna's players need.

System : Infinity
Faction : Ariadna
Model Type : Metal
Scale : 30 mm
Packaging : Blister
Attributes : Assembly Required, Unpainted