Hordes Circle Orboros Argus Light Warbeast New

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For use within the HORDES Game

  • Grymkin are designed as a "Limited Release Faction". This means the Faction has a much smaller model selection than normal Factions, and seldom gets new models (one new model every year or longer).
  • Grymkin are not undead or demons, but have both souls and physical bodies. The Grkymkin are led by The Defiers, five mortals who rejected the god Menoth in person, and were banished to Urcaen as eternal punishment
  • Whatever their concerns or motivations, minions bring tremendous versatility to their sponsors
  • Many of the available minions will work for select factions both for HORDES and WARMACHINE
  • HORDES is fully compatible with its steam powered twin, the titanic miniatures combat game of WARMACHINE

1 miniature(s)

Please note: Miniatures are supplied unpainted and some assembly may be required.