Hobby Miniature Tabletop Gaming Orks Stencil Airbrush Vinyl Stencil New

$ 15.00 CAD

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Disclaimers and Notes:

  • You are purchasing a single vinyl stencil designed for airbrushing symbols on to models and other hobby crafts. The model shown in the picture (if applicable) is not included and is simply an example of what can be achieved using these stencils.

  • These stencils have some re-usability depending on how they are handled. The material is thick allowing for it to be applied and removed a few times before it loses it's adhesiveness. 

  • Each stencil is approximately 7x5 inches in dimension

  • These stencils are in no way endorsed or a product of Gamesworkshop. All symbols and designs are inspired and unique, but not direct copies. 

  • These work in two ways, the black portion of the image has cut lines around it, allowing it to be removed, leaving you with two pieces (black/white portion of the image). Using the white portion, you can airbrush where the black portion was removed in order to create that image. You may also use the black portion of the vinyl to create an outline of the shape instead if you would prefer to go for that look.

  • Any questions please feel free to ask!