Flames of War - Soviet LW 'Heavy Assault Group' Army Deal New

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The Soviet 11th Guards Army (11-ya Gvardeyskaya Armiya) and 31st Army (31ya Armiya) fell upon Orsha on 26 June 1944. A solitary Soviet tank brigade from the 2nd Tank Corps swept around to the west of the city, completing the encirclement. The German remnants of General Volkers’ 27th Army Corps were now trapped inside the city and prepared for a tenacious defence of the city centre

Soviet Heavy Assault Group includes:

• Four IS-2 tanks
• Two ISU-122 Assault Guns
• Two ISU-152 Assault Guns 
• Four SU-76 Assault Guns
• Three BA-64 Armoured Cars 
• Four 57mm or 76mm Guns
• One Hero Shock Rifle Company

• Complete A5 Flames Of War rulebook
• One Soviet "Start Here" Guide
• Two Decal Sheets
• Twelve Unit cards.