Dungeons and Dragons Card Master Adventure Design Deck BKS8

$ 31.22 CAD

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Deal a dungeon? Deal a castle? Deal rooms with magical items, monsters, and danger lurking behind every table, box, and bookcase? The AD&D CARDMASTER Adventure Design Deck is an exciting new tool for DMs, and a thrilling new game for players. DMs will use the Adventure Design Deck to create dramatic settings for their adventures. Players can use Cardmaster to go a-questing with a DM. Even solo adventures are possible, just by shuffling the cards.

108 Location Cards depict unique and mysterious rooms and corridors on three dungeon levels. And on all levels are treasures to be found and monsters to be conquered. The Treasure Deck contains 54 cards full of loot and magical items. Explore each room for treasure, but beware of traps! And beware of the 54 different monsters with their own traps and snares, nesting in their own Deck. They are waiting for you... and some of them are hungry!