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The Drukhari are a decadent race of alien torturers and attackers. Drukhari was once part of a galactic empire, but now indulges in every apocalyptic passion their higher intelligence can imagine. They consider themselves superior to other galactic races and suffer from an emptiness that can only be filled by the suffering of others. Drukhari's ranks are filled with fleetfooted and agile warriors, each armed with weapons designed to inflict maximum pain, and their innate composure allows them to transform painful forms of warfare into terrifying art.

Launch your own realspace raid with Combat Patrol: Drukhari! The contents of this set have been specifically chosen to provide you with an ideal Drukhari force for Combat Patrol-sized games – approximately 25 Power Level's worth of models.

This set includes the following multipart plastic units:
– 1x Archon
– 10x Kabalite Warriors
– 5x Incubi
– 1x Ravager
– 1x Raider

These kits come supplied with the relevant Citadel bases for their models, and the set also includes a Drukhari transfer sheet.

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