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Cthulhu Death May Die Season 2 New

  • This Is an Expansion to Cthulu: Death May Die: This Is Not a Complete Experience. You Will Need the Cthulu: Death May Die Base Game in Order to Play with This Expansion.
  • Horror Game: A New Cult, Just as Dangerous and Deranged as The Last One, Has Started Their Final Ritual and A New Elder One May Be Summoned Into the World. Thankfully, There’s a Whole New Batch of Investigators Ready to Jump in And Take Them Down.
  • Cooperative Mystery Game: Investigators Must Work Together if They Want to Stand a Chance at Stopping the Evil About to Be Unleashed on The World. Working Together, Players Will Fight Cultists, Search for Answers, and Try to Keep Their Already-Broken Minds from Warping Even Further.
  • Exciting New Content: Six New Episode Boxes Each Contain New Monsters to Defeat and Cultists to Disrupt. New Game Tiles Represent New Locations to Fight These Abominations. There’s Also 10 New Investigators, Eager to Jump in And Take Evil Down, No Matter the Cost to Their Own Bodies and Minds.
  • Number of Players and Average Playtime: This Thrilling Horror Adventure Game Is Made for 1 to 5 Players and Is Suitable for Ages 14 and Older. Average Playtime Is Approximately 90 to 120 Minutes.