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Cold and Dark Rpg - Rpb1

Dying Is Easy, Living Is Hard and Pain Is a Given.  Centuries from Now Mankind Lives on In the Sirius Galaxy, an Enormously Vast and Dense System of Stars. It's a Greedy Industrial Society Run by Corporations and The Governmental Industrial Complex. the Onslaught of Strip-Mining Has Stirred Something Terrible Best Left Buried and Forgotten.  the Sci-Fi Universe of Cold & Dark Is a Frightening and Violent World. in The Reaches of Space the Protagonists Have to Face Known as Well as Unknown Horrors.   the Players Take on The Roles of People Who Have Chosen to Live on The Edge as Site Engineers, Corsairs and Deep Space Salvagers. only Out There in The Big Empty, on The Verge of Disaster Facing the Horror, Do They Flourish and Realise Their Full Potential. This Is Sci-Fi at Its Darkest.  for More Information See Www.Wickedworld.Se - Cold & Dark Is an Adult Game and Contains Mature Themes and Content. This Book Is Intended for Mature Players Only! 

Made in The Uk.