Artel Miniatures - Raidmaster 28mm (Single Figure - No Slaves) New

$ 29.40 CAD

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Brand: Artel "W" Miniatures
Type: Miniature/Set of Miniatures
Collection/Faction: Voidborn Ancients
The race of the Ancients was once the greatest power in the galaxy. Now they are merely a shadow of past greatness... but the greatest dangers are lurking in the Shadow! The Ancients that called Voidborns wove their gloomy lair in Tenebris, the World-between-Worlds where eternal twilight reigns. Possessing the mystical powers of a everhungry Void, these decadents are paying for power and immortality with eternal unquenchable hunger, endless thirst for blood and souls. Their life is a twisted symphony of pain and pleasure, violence and lust, performed on countless myriads of souls. For a Voidborn, everything and everyone but himself is only a thing, a toy or a food.
The ruthless Raidmasters are the warlords of the Voidborn Ancients, leaders of raiding clans and the main suppliers of fresh meat for the slave markets of Tenebris. They leave the lion's share of the booty for themselves - not only to satisfy the hunger that always torments them, but also as symbols of their status and greatness. The "little pets" of the Raidmaster may look well-groomed and healthy ... but what do you know about the nightmare in which they live, perhaps for centuries, until the owner finds new favorite toy?.

Scale: 28mm.

Size: 36mm from the feet to the eyes; 63mm total (with the scenery)l.

Material: high quality resin.

Miniature is unpainted, unassembled, 40mm round base included.