Artel Miniatures - Outlaws Spidermorph Brute 28mm New

$ 23.80 CAD

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Brand: Artel "W" Miniatures
Type: Miniature
Collection/Faction: Outlaws
Not all Outlaw enforcers are brutal mindless beasts. Some of `em are sophisticated warriors, armed with hi-tech gear. Spidermorf suits, equipped with powerful weapons and artificial limbs with a neural interface - perhaps the most advanced technology in the Underworld. They cost a fortune, but a warrior in such suit, fighting on your side, is well worth the expenses.


Miniature for tabletop games and collecting.

Sculpted by Stepan Kotlyarov

Kit consists of 22 parts, including optional right arm and head gear.

Scale: 28mm.

Size: 43mm from the feet to the eyes; 63,5mm total

Material: high quality resin.

Miniature is unpainted, unassembled, 40mm base included.