Artel Miniatures - Ork Dum-Dum Blitza-nookah New

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Iron Nookhaz - bodyguards of the Iron Khan. They are biggest, baddest, most fierce, brutal and cunning leaders of the Horde (except for the Khan himself, of course). Each of them tried to challenge the Khan once, and was defeated. Khan sends his Nookhaz to the most trusted Bosses ... or vice versa, to those he doesn't trust at all.

Dum-Dum Blitza-nookah - datz me! Un` dere iz mah trusted gobbo-gunnah! Faze me, un` me slice ya, dice ya un` rip ya tah piezes!!!

Sculpted by Alexey Sazhin.

Miniature for wargames, roleplaying tabletops and collecting.

Scale: 28mm

Size: 46mm to the eyes; 81mm total

The kit contains of 26 parts, including numerous options

Material: high quality resin.


Miniature is unpainted, unassembled, 40mm base included.