Artel Miniatures - Lord-Admiral Theador Earhsson 28mm New

$ 21.00 CAD

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Brand: Artel "W" Miniatures
Type: Miniature
Collection/Faction: Grim Gothic

Lord-Admiral Theador Earhsson - the most renowned Fleet Commander of the Mankind. His ships has fought 43 battles in the War of Black Gulf, all victorious, and no ships were lost. 7th character from Grim Gothic collection, made in collaboration with KFStudio.

Miniature for wargames, collecting and roleplaying. Consists of 9 parts.
Sculpted by Konstantin Ivanov

Scale: 28mm.
Size: 32,5mm from the feet to the eyes; 35 mm total.

Material: high quality resin.

Miniature is unpainted, unassembled, 25mm base included.