Army Painter Metallic Colours Paint Set New

$ 35.00 CAD

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Want to paint magical armour, alien weaponry, or tainted treasure? Or perhaps the glistening, draconic hide of fantastic beasts? This paint set has you covered! Along with a wide array of metallic colours, the brand new Metallic Effects paint - Fairy Dust is also included! With this new paint, you can turn any of the Warpaints into a vibrantly shimmering metallic with a single coat. The paint comes in spill-proof 18 ml./ 0.6 fl. oz. dropper bottles - perfect for both wet palettes and airbrushing. The non-toxic, water-based paints have a creamy viscosity making it ideal for miniature painting, and they mix smoothly with each other to create any combination of colors that you dream up!