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Arkham Horror Lcg Into the Maelstrom Mythos Pack New

  • This Is a Mythos Pack for The Arkham Horror Card Game: This Is Not a Standalone Product. It Requires the Arkham Horror: The Card Game Core Set and The Innsmouth Conspiracy Deluxe Expansion to Play.
  • A Living Card Game of Eldritch Mystery: Something Evil Stirs in Arkham, and Only You Can Stop It. Blurring the Traditional Lines Between Roleplaying and Card Game Experiences, Arkham Horror: The Card Game Is the Living Card Game of Lovecraftian Mystery, Monsters and Madness!
  • Cooperative Game: You and Your Friends Become Investigators Within the Quiet New England Town of Arkham, Massachusetts. No Matter What Compels You or Haunts You, You'll Find Both Your Strengths and Weaknesses Reflected in Your Custom Deck of Cards. These Cards Will Be Your Resources as You Work with Your Friends to Unravel the World's Most Terrifying Mysteries.
  • Into the Maelstrom:The Tide-Hollowed Caves and Dripping Tunnels Were only The Antechamber of The Deep Ones’ Domain. a Hidden City Rests Beneath the Choppy Waves of The North Atlantic, Slumbering at The Bottom of The Ocean. Protect the World from Suffering the Same Fate as Innsmouth by Venturing Into the Heart of The Storm.
  • Number of Players and Average Playtime: These Scary Games Are Designed for 1 to 2 Players (or up To 4 with 2 Core Sets) and Are Suitable for Ages 14 and Older. Average Game Time Is Approximately 1 to 2 Hours.