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Arkham Horror Final Hour Board Game New

Another Day, Another Fight to Save Humanity from The Powers of The Mythos. or So It Would Seem. as An Arkham Investigator, You Have Learned Secrets of This World that Would Drive Others Mad, You Have Stared Into the Many Faces of Evil, and You Have Emerged Triumphant Time and Again, Keeping Your Home and Its Citizens Safe. but Not This Time. This Time, You Have Arrived Too Late. the Eldritch Rite Has Already Been Completed and The World Around You Erupts Into Chaos. Monsters Break Through the Fabric of Reality And—if You Do Not Hurry to Reverse the Summoning—the End of The World Is Inevitable. a Fully Cooperative Game that Asks Investigator to Work Together to Hold Back the Monstrous Horde and Uncover the Clues that Will Lead Them to Undoing the Eldritch Rite that Threaten to Destory the World. Playable Under on Hour, as Time Is Not on Your Side Can Be Played Solo or With a Group a More Accesible Entry in The Akrham Universe